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Lists of Investment Banking Contacts & Investment Banks to Get Your Internship or Full-Time Offer 

Find the contact details of 4,000 New York, 2,000 California and 1,000 Chicago investment banking professionals including email address, LinkedIn profile, position, coverage or product group, work phone and more. Have more than enough contacts to schedule coffee chats until you land your dream internship or full-time offer. 

Download the contact details of 1,000+ US investment banks from 40+ US states including homepage, email address, career page, LinkedIn page, contact person, phone number, all US office addresses, website and other descriptions. These provide you unfair advantage over your peers because you can reach out to hundreds of investment banks your school's investment banking club members are not aware of and increase your chance to become an investment banker.

You can download a free, anonymized version of each file that can help you to decide whether you'd like to buy the full version. 

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