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Wall Street Connector

Want to Land High Paying Positions at Bulge Bracket and Prestigious Boutique Investment Banks?

Then you need to start interacting with real bankers and build out your professional network. No training can replace that. Give yourself the permission to use your earlier interactions with non-target firms as practice that prepares you to refine your story and ace your interviews to get multiple lucrative offers at your target banks. 

No other website provides you a searchable list of over 1,000 US investment banks and 7,500 individual investment banker contacts. For each bank we provide verified contact email, application home page, phone number and office locations. Firms are categorized based on industry and product focus, location and prestige. Each Bulge Bracket and many Prestigious Boutiques have over 100 contacts per bank to ensure you'll find you find someone in your desired industry or product group at your preferred location. 


Individual investment banker contacts are searchable based on firm, industry group, product group, job title and location. You will find verified email address and LinkedIn for each contact that will give you a huge advantage over your peers in your application process. Your friends might only apply to 5-10 banks because they spend hours of filling in tedious online applications that rarely work, whereas you can directly send your resume to verified contacts within seconds giving you an unfair advantage.


Spend your time scheduling coffee chats and talking to real investment bankers. Often the easiest way to get an investment banking job is to reach out to firms where there is no job. Why? Because there aren't thousands of other applicants from your school or LinkedIn to compete against, instead you stand out from the start and might find hidden opportunities not available to others. 


What People Say


"I got 4 summer internship offers through this list despite not being from a target school. Recruiting is a numbers game. I leveraged stories and deals I had learned during my early conversations with bankers at smaller middle market firms to get an offer at a well-known boutique bank."


I was a financial analyst at a large technology company, and I used your contact list to transition to an elite boutique bank's TMT group. Thank you."

About Us

We are a group of current and ex-investment bankers in the US with decade-long investment banking connections in the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and beyond. We decided to create a list which we wish we had when we started our career and tried to break into investment banking.

Many of us did not go to Ivy League or other target schools so we had to proactively network through cold emails and calls to get an internship or a full-time position at middle market boutique banks. These initial experiences were crucial steps in our career to transition to more elite boutique banks or bulge bracket banks over time. We hope this website helps you to achieve the next steps in your career.

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